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Staging to Sell

There is an old saying – “The first impression is the last impression.”  This is especially true in the real estate industry.  When a property is listed on the market, it needs to stand out and make a great first impression. 

All our sellers get a free staging consultation.

Not our client but still need our help?

Give us a call and we will come help you too. We provide staging consultation to fullblown staging services at reasonable price.

How does a seller make sure their home stands out from among all the choices available to buyers? 

By helping buyers visualize the home as a perfect match for their lifestyle.   Most people can’t visualize what a house will look like if they are staring at an empty room or distracted by mounds of clutter.  Staging services can be a simple as de-cluttering and bringing a neutral palette to the space so that it appeals to the vast majority of buyers.  Or it can be as elaborate as staging an empty house with furniture and accessories to make the space feel like home.  By strategically placing a small amount of elegant furniture throughout the space, a buyer’s subconscious mind is guided through a visual idea of what they could do with the space if it were their own.

Design to Live

Need a more functional kitchen or a larger bathroom?  Don’t know what to do with that awkward space?  The answer to your needs may not be a new home, but rather a re-designed one.  Our certified Ecological Designer can not only help with remodeling needs, but offers clients the opportunity to
save money and live comfortably through energy efficient, renewable and environmentally-sensitive choices from a network of established green businesses, builders and contractors.  

Our Ecological Designer has designed and remodeled dozens of properties from urban to suburban, including indoor and outdoor projects such as:

  • Kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Decorating consultations
  • Small yard solutions
  • Large lot space planning
  • Low maintenance landscaping
  • Energy efficient design and implementation
  • Allergy-free environment planning and implementation

Whether you are remodeling to sell or simply to accommodate your family’s needs, our design services will ensure every dollar you spend is a wise investment.  Our Ecological Designer understands that every home should be beautiful and functional.  We can evaluate newer properties to help make them energy efficient and functional or redesign older properties to make them not only more modern but also more energy efficient, beautiful, and functional.  Our clients include residents of The Woodlands as well as businesses including The Montgomery County Food Bank and the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter.

Click on the links below to view some of our recent design projects.

Small ranch foreclosure emerges as an energy efficient beauty

2) Awkward country property transforms into a beautiful executive home

Unkempt golf course property becomes the talk of the town

Long-time listing sells in 10 days after Deisgn Services makeover

Dead lawn becomes an outdoor oasis for Montgomery County Women's Center

6) Parking lot sprouts a food garden for the Montgomery County Food Bank.